SNS Blog Hop Winners-I’m a little late

First, thank you to all who participated in the blog hop and especially to those who left comments. I am sure I speak for all the DT members when I say, we truly enjoy  and appreciate every comment   It encourages and inspires us, more than you know!  

The winners from the Sparkle N Sprinkle “Sparkling Winter  Sensations” Blog Hop have been announced.  Here are the winners in case you haven’t seen the news as yet:

The Grand Prize is awarded to Mitzi Vogel!

Secondary winners (extra prizes)
1. From Barbara Bruder’s Blog –  Peg Klitch    YAHOO!!
2. From Eleanor Jenkins’ Blog – April of South Carolina
3. From Julie Zippel’s Blog – NWFlamingo
4. From Marie Berquist’s Blog – Lois (lew1993)
5. From Karin Martin’s Blog – Donna Levine

Congratulations to you all!!!!
More details (including details on what to do if you’re a winner) and a special thank you from all of us on the design team are on the “home blog” – Sparkle N Sprinkle blog.

Hope you join us for the next blog hop too!

Sparkle on


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